Testimonials from Consumers

“… While our house and septic system are only seven years old, our septic had been facing a complete failure that would have required a complete removal and replacement had it not been for Norm’s creativity in identifying a far more cost effective and lasting solution.  He performed a [Terra Pausa] procedure to immediately return the drain field to full operation. …”
~ Steven M. Hecht, Franklin Lakes, NJ.  20 November 2012.

“Our septic system was slow to drain into the drain field. When we took showers or used the washing machine too much in a short time, the water would back up in the septic tank and come to the surface of the ground. Then we got in touch with Terra Pausa. The next day he came out and worked his magic on the soil. It relieved all the pressure that was in the drain field itself, and we haven’t had a problem since—and it’s been about 6 months now. Now I would recommend it to anybody. It’s safer and less expensive than putting in a new drain field, and it didn’t damage our system. In fact, the Terra Pausa is such a good idea that it even made me think about getting one myself to become a service provider!”
~Steven Lightfoot. Billings, MT.  14 November 2015

“As soon as he started with his machine in the ground, we came over and looked, and the water [in the septic tank] went down almost immediately.  …It has worked fine since then.”
~ Kenneth D. Peterson, Attorney and Landlord.  14 November 2015.

“We used this service and it solved our awful septic issue, keeping good relations with our neighbors and costing much less than a new septic system. Thanks, Ken and Peggy!”
~ Janis Viren.  Billings, MT.  13 November 2015.