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Terra Pausa in a Pile of Dirt

This short video demonstrates the heaving power of the Terra Pausa to fracture compacted soils.  Since it’s hard to see what the Terra Pausa does underground, we put the probe laterally under a pile of dirt so you can see its heaving power.

Terra Pausa: Puddle Remediation in a Gravel Driveway

This video is about 11 minutes of unedited footage. For those who want to study how Terra Pausa works and what it would be like to use it, this is a great opportunity to witness closeup footage at a job site.  This particular job is in a gravel driveway at a residence in Laurel, MT.  It was conducted mostly as a test for the Terra Pausa device, and the results are very good.  See photos from before and just after below.  (The site continued to drain over the next two hours to a point where it was puddle-free.)

Interestingly, about three months later, this jobsite still drains water pretty well, even though it is still in use as a driveway, and is being recompacted every time a vehicle drives over it. This bodes well, especially for occasional parking areas on dirt or gravel, where it may take a very long time for enough recompaction to occur such that natural drainage once again slows to a crawl.


How your septic system works

Here is an animated video that explains how most standard septic systems work, why they fail, and what the options are. Then there is an actual ‘live’ in-use demonstration segment with the decompactor air injection service being professionally performed, breaking up the bio mat problem – restoring the drain field, and the added personal testimony showing the service once again proves to be the most economical and sensible solution.


The Step by step process

Todd from Kendal septic service shows a step-by-step drain field problem rejuvenation or restoration repair process – using the air injection technology. Here is proof of an actual repair being successfully done by a septic service provider offering an alternative to costly excavations to replace the failed system.